Operational activity

Humanitarian assistance

The Royal Navy acts as a force for good the world over if disaster strikes. We provide life-saving support, aid and hands-on capability following natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and epidemics. 

Our ability to overcome adverse conditions means we’re often the first to respond when disaster strikes.

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Royal Navy to support disaster relief efforts in Tonga

A Royal Navy patrol ship will support international disaster relief efforts after a...

20 January 2022

Topic:Operational activityHumanitarian assistance

Storyline: HMS Spey

Wave Knight keeps international relief effort 'on mission' in Haiti

Royal Navy support ship RFA Wave Knight has again supported the international relief...

Preventing conflict

The Royal Navy’s presence on the world stage sends a powerful message. We are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to prevent conflict.

By being there when it matters with a credible and potent naval force, we provide reassurance to other nations and stand as a deterrent to would-be aggressors. This influence safeguards the flow of international trade, helping Britain to thrive.

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Carrier Strike Group deployment to visit 40 countries

The UK’s Carrier Strike Group will visit more than one fifth of the world’s nations when...

HMS Blyth goes from hot to cold on chilly NATO mission

After the heat of the Gulf, it’s the cool waters of northern Europe for the next few...

International partnership

As an island nation, the UK relies on strong ties with its allies and trading partners around the globe.

By defending the seaways that underpin the global economy and representing the UK at home and abroad, the Royal Navy plays a crucial role in strengthening those ties and ensuring the continued prosperity of our nation.

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HMS Prince of Wales returns from Spain after completing NATO mission

Britain’s biggest warship is set to return home tomorrow after completing a NATO mission...

Royal and Japanese Navies underline friendship with training off Dorset

Two of the world’s major navies joined forces off the Dorset coast as long-time allies...

Security at sea

A thriving global economy depends on maritime trade – and as an island nation, the UK needs a strong navy to protect its interests on the high seas.

Day after day, the Royal Navy keeps a watchful eye over home and international waters, safeguarding its citizens and allies from pirates, terrorists and criminals, and ensuring that vital trade can continue without interruption.

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Royal Navy warships complete NATO mission in the Baltic Sea

Royal Navy warships alongside NATO allies have shown the alliance’s staunch commitment...

Royal Navy’s newest and most capable attack submarine completes NATO security operations in the Mediterranean

The Royal Navy’s newest and most advanced nuclear attack submarine carried out NATO...

15 June 2022

Topic:Operational activitySecurity at Sea

Storyline: Audacious

Protecting our economy

Maritime trade is essential to the British way of life, with a huge 95% of Britain’s economic activity depending on the oceans.

We import goods worth a breathtaking £524 billion every year – including around half of our food and fuel – so freedom of the seas is truly essential to the UK’s continued prosperity and comfort.

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Navy task group ready for Caribbean mission after major international exercise off South America

The Royal Navy’s Caribbean task group has joined forces for the first time this year –...

Trident tested – Royal Navy joins allied navies in major Gulf minehunting workout

Four Royal Navy ships led the way in the largest test of international minehunting...