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Navy task group ready for Caribbean mission after major international exercise off South America
Trident tested – Royal Navy joins allied navies in major Gulf minehunting workout
HMS Montrose deals double blow to drug runners in £11m busts
UK Flagship Albion joins NATO Mediterranean security mission
RN-led Gulf security mission marks 12 months of success
Sailors breathe life into Navy’s greenest ship, HMS Tamar
HMS Northumberland welcomed home on the River Tyne
Royal Navy shadows Russian task group through Channel
Gulf sentinel mission in Royal Navy hands
Bravery, dedication and devotion recognised in operational honours
Royal Navy safeguards nearly 90 ships through Strait of Hormuz in two months
HMS Lancaster sailors back on board
Royal Navy takes charge of counter-terror task force
Royal Marines complete Scottish Highlands triathlon
Three new Navy patrol ships pass milestones
Royal Navy prepares for future UK fishery patrols