Performing to the very highest standards. Putting our ships and our people through their paces. Always striving for better. Training is what makes the Royal Navy the best in the world.



Ships and submarines benefit from Flag Officer Sea Training's expertise each year


Royal Navy UK training establishments


Personnel training at HMS Raleigh on a typical day

10 weeks

Initial Naval Training for all ratings

Why do we do it?

From Initial Naval Training right through to specialisation and on-the-job professional development, life in the Royal Navy is all about striving to be the best.

It means never resting on our laurels. Having the insight to recognise areas we could improve in. Knowing what we do well, and doing it even better.

Because in the Royal Navy, ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough.

This philosophy of continuous self-improvement permeates every area of Navy life – and whether they’re stationed at a UK Naval base or onboard an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean, our people always have the opportunity to improve themselves and grow their skills.