HMS Tracker

Commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1998, HMS Tracker is one of two patrol boats that form the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron (FPBS).

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Formed in March 2010, the Squadron provides Force Protection in and around Faslane, Scotland.

The squadron originally consisted of HMS Dasher and HMS Pursuer however, in September 2012 these were replaced by HMS Tracker and HMS Raider.

Wearing the pennant number P274, HMS Tracker is a fully-fledged armed patrol boat. Fitted with Kevlar armour and able to operate three 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) she has become, with her sister ship HMS Raider, part of a growing Force Protection (FP) cadre based at Faslane. 

These two ships are fully engaged in FP duties and do not undertake university training.

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HMS Tracker heads for Loch Ness

HMS Tracker heads to Loch Ness for rescue exercise

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Current operation Maritime security

British ships and units, which include the Royal Marines, are committed to operations around the world. Operations focus on maritime security, reassurance and wider regional engagement to build regional maritime capability.

Providing security at sea

The UK has a responsibility to its citizens and its allies to endeavour to safeguard the high seas. This is why the Royal Navy protects home and international waters – making sure the global trade that Britain and the world depend on can proceed without a hitch.

International partnerships

As the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK has responsibilities towards its allies and partners. But Britain also has global ambitions – namely to protect the seaways underpinning the country’s prosperity. The Royal Navy plays a crucial role in fostering these enduring and lasting alliances with other nations.

Location Global

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Unit History

First HMS Tracker1943

The first HMS Tracker was an Attacker-class escort carrier built in the USA and completed in 1943.

World War 21943

Seeing extensive action in 1943 with the Western Approach Command covering Atlantic, Mediterranean and Russian convoys, she sank U288 and was later on anti U-boat patrols.


She provided air cover during the D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944 and finished her time with the US Navy as a ferry carrier in the Pacific until the end of hostilities.

The Second Tracker1952

The second HMS Tracker was one of many Landing Ship Tanks (LSTs) built towards the end of World War 2. In 1952 she acted as the hospital ship for the first British atomic bomb test.

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Commanding Officer Sam Velickovic

Sam Velickovic

Rank: Lieutenant

Lieutenant Sam Velickovic joined Britannia Royal Naval College in January 2010. Sam assumed Command of HMS Tracker in June 2017.

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Marine Engineer Officer

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HMS Tracker and HMS Raider form the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron and do not undertake University training.


HMS Tracker has a top speed of 25 knots

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