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Royal Navy Boxers and Coaches hone skills with top London clubs

30 October 2023

Storyline: Boxing

HMS PRINCE OF WALES swaps the deep blue for the Blue Ridge Mountains

24 October 2023

Storyline: Adventurous Training

NAVYfit hosts first Community Sports Festival in Portsmouth

19 October 2023

Storyline: NavyFit

Personnel get their Circuit Training Leader qualifications in Bahrain

17 October 2023

Storyline: NavyFit

The Royal Marines Open Judo Championship attracts an Olympian

16 October 2023

Storyline: Judo

Boxers fight to represent UK Armed Forces

13 October 2023

Storyline: Boxing

New faces represent the Royal Navy at the Inter-Service 10km Championships

12 October 2023

Storyline: Athletics

The Royal Navy Powerlifters compete in first Inter-Service Championships under new British Powerlifting rules

11 October 2023

The Royal Navy shoots to win at the Inter-Services Long-Range Championships

10 October 2023

Storyline: Shooting

CSgt Claire Walsh goes from grassroots to glory in under 6 months

05 October 2023

Storyline: Archery

Royal Navy Rugby League are Inter-Service Champions... Again!

04 October 2023

Storyline: Rugby League

One descent was not enough for these Marines

04 October 2023

Royal Navy personnel are celebrated for their outstanding contributions to sport

03 October 2023

Storyline: Sports

Mne George Crotty is crowned Light-Heavyweight Champion in Poland

29 September 2023

Storyline: Boxing

HMS Heron's Angling Club teach downgraded personnel how to fish

25 September 2023

Storyline: Angling

A right royal day for Royal Navy Women's Football

22 September 2023

Storyline: Football