King's Harbour Master Clyde



The Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011. 


1.   Mariners are advised that the Queen’s Harbour Master Clyde has made the following General Direction under the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011.

2.   No fishing from any vessel or by persons swimming under the water shall be carried on within the limits of the dockyard port within -

a.   100 metres of the walls, slipways or boundaries of any Crown Establishment; or

b.   150 metres of any of Her Majesty’s vessels, without the written permission of the Queen’s Harbour Master.

3.   Otherwise than in accordance with a written permission granted by the Queen’s Harbour Master, no trawling or fishing by nets, whether drift or set nets, or laying creel pots shall be carried out in -

a.   the Rhu Narrows Restricted Channel;

b.   the Faslane Restricted Area;

c.   the Coulport Restricted Area; or

d.   the Coulport Fishing Exclusion Zone.

4.   Applications for special fishing licences for the above areas are to be made to the Port Conservancy Officer (PCO), in writing, at Renown Building, HMNB Clyde, Faslane, Helensburgh G84 8HL.  Applications should be made for each individual who will act as a vessel’s Master and should include the following information:

a. Full name.

b. Date of birth.

c. Full address.

d. Vessel Owner’s name.

d. Vessel name and port letter.

e. A valid telephone contact number.

5. Once the application has been received the above information will be passed to the Ministry of Defence Police who will conduct checks to determine the suitability of the applicant to be issued with a special licence.  It should be noted that if the MoD police do not support an application, the reason(s) are not disclosed to QHM staff.

6. The PCO will write to the applicant within 28 days of receiving the application informing them of the decision and If successful the licence will be sent to the address provided.  The applicant will be required to sign the licence to confirm that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the conditions of the licence and the instructions in Statutory Instrument 1680 of 2011.  Once signed the licence should be returned to the PCO who will counter sign it and forward it to the applicant.  It is then to be retained onboard the vessel to which it relates for inspection by the MoD Police Officers. 

7. The special fishing licences will be valid for two year from the date of issue, although QHM retains the right to revoke them at any time. Applications for renewal should be made in good time.

8. This General Direction will be reviewed by 10 Jan 22.

Queen's Harbour Master

Renown Building

HM Naval Base, Clyde.


Tuesday 12 Jan 2021

Queen's Harbour Master