King's Harbour Master Clyde


1. Mariners are advised that the Queen’s Harbour Master Clyde has made the following General Direction under the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011.

2. Security Barrier Exclusion Zone. With the exception of the vessels detailed below, no person shall at any time:

a. enter, pass through or remain in, or.

b. cause or permit any vessel or thing to enter, pass through or remain in any part of the dockyard port that falls within a zone of 50 metres from the floating security barrier surrounding the Northern Jetties at HMNB CLYDE.

3. Positioning. The barrier is located at the following positions and has lights marking the positions and displaying the associated characteristics:

Description (a)

Position (b)

Characteristics (c)

Maintenance Gate by Berth 7

56 03.603’N 004 49.225’W

Fl Y 2s

East Gate

56 03.565’N 004 49.365’W


Hinge Centre

56 03.620’N 004 49.468’W

Q(2) Bu 4s

West Gate

56 03.697’N 004 49.573’W


South West Corner

56 03.768’N 004 49.685’W

Fl Y 2s

Rowmore Point

56 04.067’N 004 49.579’W


West Gate Tie Back.

56 03.687’N 004 49.626’W

Fl Y 5s

East Gate Tie Back

56 03.497’N 004 49.626’W

Fl Y 5s

                                      Table 1 – Security Barrier Details

4.Exempt Vessels.  The following vessels are exempt from this General Direction:

a. All vessels operated by SERCO Marine Services.

b. All vessels operated by the Fleet Protection Group (Royal Marines).

c. All vessels operated by the Clyde Marine Unit (Ministry of Defence Police).

d. All vessels operated by the Fleet Diving Unit (North).

e. All vessels operated by Garelochhead Support Services.

f. All vessels operated by Shearwater Divers.

g. All vessels operated by SALMO.


BA Chart 2000 Extract  –  Showing Security Barrier Details

5.         This General Direction will be reviewed by 10 Jan 22.

Queen's Harbour Master

Renown Building
HM Naval Base, Clyde.



Tuesday 12 Jan 2021

Queen's Harbour Master