Tides on: 20/12/14
  • Sunrise 08:49
  • Sunset 15:45
  • HW 11:15 3.2m
  • LW 03:58 0.5m
  • HW 23:15 3.2m
  • LW 16:37 0.5m
  • SP NP 2.7m/69%
All times are Local and have been corrected for BST where appropriate.
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Local Notices to Mariners & General Directions

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Extant LNTMs

LNTM 26/14 Port Closure Lights and Signals
LNTM 25/14 Safe Speed
LNTM 11/14 Speed Limits
LNTM 10/14 Automatic Identification System Radiation Policy

General Directions

DIRECTION 18/14 Faslane North Basin Procedures
DIRECTION 17/14 Mooring Boat Guidelines
DIRECTION 16/14 Registration and Regulation of Port Craft and Clyde Dockyard Port
DIRECTION 15/14 Jetty Fender Status at Scottish Fuel Depots
DIRECTION 14/14 Water Sports in CDP
DIRECTION 13/14 Active Towing For Tankers On Passage To And From Ineos Finnart
DIRECTION 12/14 Registration and Regulation of Vessels Engaged in Fishing Within CDP
DIRECTION 11/14 Reports of Oil Pollution
DIRECTION 9/14 Towage Operations in Restricted Visibility
DIRECTION 8/14 Clyde Dockyard Port Pilotage Directions
DIRECTION 7/14 Registration and Regulation of High Speed Craft Within CDP
DIRECTION 6/14 Approval for selected craft to operate at speed within the Clyde Dockyard Port
DIRECTION 5/14 QHM Clyde Incident Reporting Procedures
DIRECTION 4/14 Delegation of the Powers of QHM
DIRECTION 3/14 Port Safety Information Routine Sailing Activity
DIRECTION 10/13 Use of Sound Signals in North Basin