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A.The Merchant Shipping (Small Workboats and Pilot Boats) Regulations 1998

B.The safety of small workboats and Pilot Boats-Code of Practice_Dec 18

C.The Embarkation and Disembarkation of Pilots (Code of Safe Practice) July 17



1. Mariners are advised that the Queen’s Harbour Master Clyde has made the following General Direction under the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011.


2. Mariners are advised that the Queen’s Harbour Master (QHM) Clyde requires that all port craft used and operated within the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long (CDP) are correctly maintained, equipped and manned by competent persons who conduct themselves in a safe and seamanlike manner.


3. All vessels operating within CDP, and their Masters, are to observe all port regulations and General Directions issued by QHM.



4. QHM recommends that all craft operating within CDP are surveyed by an appropriate surveyor under the MCA’s derogation of small vessel surveying as to be seaworthy and fit for the purpose for which it was built or fitted or intended or likely to be used or classed by a classification society.


5. QHM recommends that all registered workboats and pilot launches shall comply with Reference A and the associated Safety of Small Work Boats and Pilot Boats Code of Practice, and that they are fit for purpose for any use to which they are put.


6. QHM requires that all crews of dedicated Pilot launches, or vessels used for pilot transfers comply with Reference B. All such launches are to comply with The Boarding and Landing of Pilots Code of Practice and the contractor operating the Pilot launch, or vessel used for that purpose, is responsible for the provision of training for the crews and shall maintain copies of their certificates.


7. QHM reserves the right to ask to sight evidence of compliance from relevant operators.


8. This General Direction will be reviewed by 10 Jan 22.


Queen's Harbour Master

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Tuesday 12 Jan 2021

Queen's Harbour Master