Challenging and exciting, orienteering exercises and pushes the mind and body as you navigate the best route on a map. Perfect for personal achievement, competition and fitness.

Royal Navy Orienteering

Whether you're keen to get a new direction in life and try orienteering for the first time or are ready to start navigating your way through the adrenaline rush of competitive adventure courses, we provide all the opportunities you need.

With a growing body of enthusiasts throughout the Royal Navy for the sport, our team competes in the Inter-Service Championships each year.

With representation at other events and races too, competition orienteering at a variety of levels across the country can be tackled with us.

two orienteers laden with backpacks crossing an uncropped hay-filled meadow, one, dressed in black trousers and red and blue top, consulting a map the other, dressed all in black, focused on the way ahead

Get involved

We are eager to build the numbers of RN and RM personnel trailing a route with us, and you can hike with us no matter your fitness levels or previous orienteering experience.

Whatever your goal for taking part, we'll give you the opportunities, help and advice you need to complete your journey.

To get involved, just get in touch.

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