King's Harbour Master Portsmouth

LNTM No 75/21

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth that Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) trials will be conducted within the two areas shown below between 29 September and 8 October 2021. The area selected will be weather dependent, with the in-harbour areas most likely to be used in inclement weather. 

2. UUV operations will be conducted in daylight only with a safety RIB in attendance throughout. One or two UUVs will be launched from and recovered to the supporting RIB or other craft. The UUVs are white and black in colour and about 2m in length. They will be submerged for the majority of the trials and will move at speeds of typically 1-2 knots. During periods when UUVs are operating submerged, the safety RIB will exhibit a blue flashing light. The UUV will be constrained to the areas indicated and will be tracked throughout, and will be kept away from other traffic in the area.

3. As part of the trials, a spherical buoy will be laid, together with a small submerged target. The target will be marked by a surface buoy. Both the buoy and target will be removed at the end of each day’s trials.

4. The safety RIBs will be Ministry of Defence Police craft, and will use one of the following callsigns: “Papa Delta 66” or “Papa Delta 67”.

5. The trials areas are defined as follows and illustrated in Figures 1 and 2:

In harbour – in vicinity of Z-Moorings and Victor Trot defined by the following points:

50o49’.180N 001o07’.770W 
50o49’.000N 001o07’.700W 
50o48’.927N 001o07’.460W 
50o48’.830N 001o07’.545W 
50o48’.882N 001o07’.652W 
50o48’.970N 001o07’.770W 
50o49’.145N 001o07’.885W

Spit Sands area – south of the Swashway:
50o46’.190N 001o06’.550W 
50o46’.050N 001o06’.000W
50o45’.900N 001o06’.000W 
50o46’.100N 001o06’.700W 

Figure 1: In harbour trials area

Figure 2: Spit Sand trials area

6. Mariners are requested to remain clear of the area in use when the support boat is showing its blue flashing light and be mindful of wake turbulence when passing.

7. The trials team will keep QHM Harbour Control informed of the progress of the trials on VHF Channel 11. QHM can be contacted on 02392 723694 for updates.

8. Cancel this LNTM on 11 October 2021.


Thursday 23 Sep 2021

Queen's Harbour Master

Owners, Agents, Charterers, Marinas, Yacht Clubs and Recreational Sailing Organisations should ensure that the contents of this Notice are made known to the masters or persons in charge of their vessels or craft.