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Speed Limits

The following speed limits apply:

  1. Within Portsmouth Harbour - 10 knots.
  2. Within 1,000 yards of the shore in any part of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth - 10 knots.
  3. Within Wootton Creek to the West of the meridian of the mouth of the creek.(Longitude 01 12’.84 W) - 5 knots.
    The speed limit in each case is to be taken as "speed through the water".


Mariners are also reminded of the importance in proceeding at a safe speed at all times as defined in Rule 6 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLLREGS). In particular in the approaches to and inside Portsmouth Harbour, when determining a safe speed, special consideration must be given to small boats. These small vessels could have combined lanterns which may be difficult to pick out against the background lighting, and they may not be detected by vessels with radar at adequate range.


The above speed limits do not apply within designated water-skiing areas if exceeded for the purpose of towing a water skier. Personal Water Craft (PWC) may only exceed the speed limit within the areas designated for their use. Fast Military Craft will also be exempt on specific occasions for operational training reasons. Any person requiring to exceed the above speed limits for specific reasons should apply to the Queen’s Harbour Master for a licence - Personal Watercraft.

Wash and Slow

Don't make waves, cut your speed.

Please see the PDF download of the Wash and Slow.

Wash and Slow PDF Leaflet (1.27 MB)

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