Safety and regulations

This section includes the port's Safety and Envrionmental Management System, policies, codes and plans, used to manage the port safely.

Safety and regulations

How do we maintain safety in the port?

KHM Portsmouth will: 

  • Maintain an effective Safety and Environmental Management System based on continuing, formalised assessment 
  • Regularly review the effectiveness of Directions in respect of navigational safety 
  • Monitor and direct vessel traffic within the port's designated VTS area
  • Provide an appropriate level of Admiralty Pilotage Service to MOD vessels
  • Verify the fitness for purpose of vessels employed by the KHM 
  • Ensure PEC holders are conversant with local-rules, regulations and procedures
  • Ensure regular hydrographic surveys are conducted where appropriate and publicise the results 
  • Notify and mark, or as appropriate, remove sunken vessels and other obstructions that are a hazard to safe navigation 
  • Provide effective management and co-ordination of responses to emergencies within port limits 
  • Monitor the navigational safety of all organised marine events and works within the port limits 
  • Consult with port users and other stakeholders in respect to navigational safety issues and proposed changes 

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