Harbour patrols

The patrols include the Volunteer Harbour Patrol who are on the water during the summer months, KHM Patrol which runs throughout the year conducing safety and enforcement patrols, and the Ministry of Defence Police Marine Unit who are responsible for the security of the port.

Harbour Patrol

Volunteer Harbour Patrol

The Volunteer Harbour Patrol is on the water during the summer months to assist and advise mariners; it is not a police service, nor waterborne traffic warden service, they are rather a friendly welcoming and helpful presence in the sometimes demanding conditions of the Harbour Entrance.

They do recover a fair number of stranded or disabled craft in the area, and do so as “good neighbours” with the UK Standard Conditions for Towage and other Services applying to their liability. If there is a major event, the Patrol invariably provides marshals and assists. Throughout the summer season, the Patrol is a re-assuring presence on the water at evenings, weekends and bank holidays – the busiest times. No other port in the country has any organisation on this scale or with these unique assets.

The Volunteer Harbour Patrol are on the water during the summer months whose crews give up their spare time.

They are all RYA safety boat, first aid, RYA sailing and radio trained with, substantial sea-time behind them.

The Volunteer Harbour Patrol is a registered charity, dependent on voluntary donations and the goodwill of the experienced volunteers. The Patrol operates two craft and have a total of over 40 dedicated coxswains and crew. Further information regarding the Volunteer Harbour Patrol, including how to join can be found at www.qhmvhp.org.uk

KHM Safety and Enforcement Patrol

KHM Safety and Enforcement Patrol

KHM operates a year round Harbour Patrol throughout Dockyard Port Waters.  

Crewed by KHM staff, the primary purpose of the patrol is to educate, advise and assist port users; to monitor the marine environment and the condition and operability of port facilities; and to manage a fair and consistent enforcement policy that aims to ensure compliance with regulations that are in place for the proper protection of the Dockyard Port and the safety of all port users.

MoD Marine Police Unit

MoD Marine Police Unit

The Ministry of Defence Police Marine Unit are responsible for the security and policing of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth, which embraces not only the harbour but also much of the north-eastern Solent. The Ministry of Defence Police Marine unit consists of fast motor launches and rigid inflatable boats (RIB's) that provide a high profile security and policing service to protect warships transiting and berthed within the port area, together protecting the waterfront area of the Naval Base.

The Police Marine unit Officers work in close liaison with their colleagues from the Hampshire Constabulary Marine unit, HM Customs and Excise, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the UK Border Force in order to contribute towards safety and port security.