Any person fishing in the Dockyard Ports shall comply with any directions which may be given to them by the Queen's Harbour Master.


No fishing from boats or fishing by persons swimming under the water shall be carried on within 150m from the walls, slipways, roadways or boundaries of Her Majesties Naval Establishments, or from any naval moorings, floating docks, or dolphins, save with the licence in writing of the Queen's Harbour Master and in accordance with any conditions attached thereto.

Save with the permission in writing of the Queens Harbour Master and in accordance with any conditions attached thereto, no trawling or fishing by nets, whether drift or set nets, or the laying of lobster and/or crab pots, shall be carried on

- In Rhu Narrows restricted Channel or in the Faslane or Coulport Protected or Restricted Areas; or

- within the degaussing ranges, so far as they fall within the limits of the Dockyard Port, their positions being shown on current Admiralty Charts; or

- in any part of the Dockyard Port where it would obstruct any vessel exhibiting the International Code Flag " Second Substitute" at the yardarm or any submarine when making degaussing range runs over the ranges in (b) above.