Fishing Licence Form

Paragraph 8 of Schedule 5 of the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011:

  1. No fishing from any vessel or by persons swimming under the water shall be carried on within the limits of the dockyard port within —
    1. 100 metres of the walls, slipways or boundaries of any Crown Establishment; or
    2. 150 metres of any of His Majesty’s vessels,
    3. without the written permission of the King's Harbour Master. 
  2. Otherwise than in accordance with a written permission granted by the King's Harbour Master, no trawling or fishing by nets, whether drift or set nets, or laying of lobster and / or crab pots shall be carried out in—
    1. the Rhu Narrows Restricted Channel;
    2. the Faslane Restricted Area;
    3. the Coulport Restricted Area; or
    4. the Coulport Fishing Exclusion Zone.
  3. All unattended fishing equipment in respect of which a surface mark is employed must show a buoy or container with a flag, which must be fitted with a radar reflector and have the identity of the laying vessel clearly displayed.
  4. All lines used in connection with lobster, prawn or crab pots or similar devices shall be non-buoyant.
  5. No person shall mature, cultivate or store live fish or shellfish within the waters of the Dockyard Port otherwise than in accordance with a permission granted in writing from the King's Harbour Master.

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