Boxers fight to represent UK Armed Forces

Storyline: Boxing

Six Royal Navy and Royal Marines boxers have competed for a spot on the UK Armed Forces (UKAF) boxing squad.

The fighters competed against opponents from the Royal Air Force and Army throughout four semi-final and four final rounds; managing to secure a finalist winner that will go on to represent UKAF.

AET Ollie Betts will go forward to represent the UKAF squad at the England Boxing National Development Championships. He fought through two gruelling bouts, winning both unanimously against an RAF Airman and Army Private. AET Betts said: "The second bout was really tough, I left everything in there, but I’m happy I boxed both of them, I earned the win."


The National Devs gives up-and-coming talent the opportunity to showcase their skills and often feeds into the England Boxing National Amateur Championships.

Boxers will compete from across the country to be crowned the Development Champion of their respective weight categories.

Two boxers will continue to compete with the UKAF team alongside their Army and RAF counterparts. AET Ollie Betts and ET Billie Mathews are hopeful to fight at the semis and finals of the National Devs, on the 21st and 22nd October.