The Blues put up a hell of a fight against The Army at UKAF Boxing Championships

Storyline: Boxing

Six Royal Navy and Royal Marines boxers competed for a spot on the UK Armed Forces (UKAF) boxing squad.

The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force took on The British Army in a blue versus red UKAF evening of boxing in Aldershot.

A total of ten bouts were fought, with a blue walkover in the super heavyweight category resulting in an Army overall victory.

The reds started the night strong, winning the first five bouts against their RAF and Navy opponents, with two female and three male bouts.

AB Chloe Jenkins, AB Billie Matthews, and Lt Ben Grant made up the Navy’s contingent in the first five fights, unfortunately just missing out on their respective titles. 

Mne Liam Bell ensured the blues came back fighting in the second half of the evening, winning his fight against two times Elite UKAF Champion, Pte Jordan Shaw, Bell said, 'I have been training in a team for the first time, usually on civi street, I train on my own. Being in the Royal Navy/Royal Marines squad has pushed me and made me train harder.'

Bell was followed by the RAF’s Blaine Lambert and Cameron Lewis who both secured wins against the Army.

Mne Kyle Shaw Tullin beat National Development Champion Pte Cody Pearson to join fellow Royal Marine, Liam as Inter-Service Champion.

The last Royal Navy fight of the night was the recently promoted LCpl George Crotty who boxed in the 86kg weight category, one above his usual.

As part of the Great British Boxing set up, George was one to watch and came away with a convincing win against the Army’s 2023 Champion LCpl Jack Lorja.

George commented, 'It is always a lot of pressure going in with the UKAF, when you are doing it for the Navy, this is the build-up for the year.

He [Lorja] was tall for the weight and I am small for the weight, but it was alright, I won the first round quite big, and then you have a bit of breathing space and don’t panic as much.'

The night finished with AS1(T) Selby Grace representing the RAF against Pte Keiran Cooper in the 92kg category, taking home the third win of the night for the RAF.

Images Copyright: Alligin Photography / © Andrew Fosker