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Organising events in the port

In compliance with Port Marine Safety Code, under the Maritime Safety Management System KHM is duty bound to view a Risk Assessment (RA) for all organised leisure events undertaken within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth. KHM will use this to check that basic safety requirements are being met and that the event is sufficiently de-conflicted from other activity in Dockyard Port waters. Event organisers however, remain fully responsible for the safe management and execution of their event.

Holding a maritime event

If you intend to hold a maritime event within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth, you are required to submit in writing to KHM for approval, a full event plan and RA for each maritime event. RAs should be submitted to KHM at least one calendar month prior to the event taking place and should be commensurate with the impact the event will have on other users in the Solent. KHM encourages the use of the Risk Assessment at the following LINK, which offers guidance and attempts to standardise formatting. Other formats may be used but must fully cover all potential risks.

The principle of early dialogue between event organiser and KHM will allow initial comments and advice to be passed. Upon receipt of the formal RA KHM will consider the implications of the event and the safety management of the event organiser. KHM will confirm receipt of the RA and may comment or require further safety control measures to mitigate any identified risks. On agreement and inclusion of these additional safety control measures, KHM will formally authorise the event to proceed in accordance with the RA.  Again, event organisers remain fully responsible for the safe execution of their event.

Holding a regular event

Where an event is held regularly, that is to say for example a weekly yacht race organised by a yacht club, a generic RA may be authorised by KHM. The period for which the RA remains valid will be limited to a maximum period of 12 months. This RA should then undergo a formal review prior to the recommissioning of the RA for a subsequent period. Please note annual RA will expire 31 December of given year.

When a generic RA for a series of routine events or races has been approved, KHM may require specific notification of each event/race. This requirement will be addressed/confirmed in the generic RA together with details of the distribution to the various relevant authorities and organisations. If KHM so decides, a Local Notice to Mariners (LNTM) may need to be published to advertise the event.  This forms part of KHM's Safety Management and no charge will be levied on event organisers.

Event Risk Assessments

If you require any help or advice in completing the event plan or risk assessment, please contact the Assistant King's Harbour Master.