King's Harbour Master Portsmouth


1. The Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth hereby gives notice of the following Direction made under Schedule 1 Paragraph 1(1) of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005, that an exclusion zone will be in force in the Tipner Lake area as directed by QHM on VHF Channel 11 to ensure safety during salvage operations on the Canute Crane Barge currently aground in the north-east of Tipner Lake.

2. Preparation works will take place from 1 March onwards, and these will involve rigging anchors and towing lines across the top of Tipner Lake, back to Pound’s Yard. During this period, all vessels not involved in the operations are to remain at least 300 metres clear of the crane barge and vessels involved in preparatory work.

3. Over high-water periods from 1000 Wednesday 2 March onwards, attempts will be made to refloat the barge and move it back to its berth at Pound’s Yard. During these periods, vessels not directly involved in the salvage operation are not to enter Tipner Lake or pass east of the north-south line at 001 05.9W (shown on the diagram).


4. The exclusion zone will be in force from approximately one hour before high water to one hour after high water. At least one QHM or Ministry of Defence Police vessel will be on station to monitor the exclusion zone when it is in force. Directions given by these vessels must be obeyed.

5.  Contravention of this Direction is an offence as provided for in paragraph 6 of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005.
6. Cancel this General Direction on 7 March 2022.


Tuesday 01 Mar 2022