Harbour patrols

The Clyde Marine Unit fulfils an important security role by enforcing by-laws and statutory instruments which protect MOD sites and property. In the course of their duties the Police will check water users who approach the restricted and protected areas for access passes; this is routine business and should not be considered threatening.

The Police will also check speeding licences and fishing licences where applicable and enforce speed limits. Police may also check moorings in the dockyard port.

MOD police

Ministry of Defence Police

Mariners should be aware that all submarines and large naval vessels leaving and entering the dockyard port Area are escorted, during their transit to and from the Cumbraes, by Clyde Marine Unit vessels. Information on light/flags displayed by escorting vessels during these operations can be found in the port closures section.

In general, members of the public afloat are advised that the best way to proceed past the Naval Base is on the west side of the Gareloch, leaving a clearance of at least 500 feet from any vessels or jetties within the Base boundary. Police vessels can be called on VHF Ch 16/ 73 using the callsign "Police Boat" or "Police Launch".

Contact details:

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