Atlantic Patrol Tasking South

The South Atlantic covers an area of more than 15 million square miles. The Royal Navy’s Atlantic Patrol Tasking ships patrol this enormous stretch of ocean to prevent crime and protect British interests. 

The Royal Navy also has a standing commitment to the Falkland Islands. Its aim is twofold: to maintain a sovereign presence around the disputed island chain, and to provide security and reassurance to its residents.


What are we doing?

The Royal Navy's permanent presence in the region - typically in the form of a patrol vessel and a frigate, supported by tankers from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary - undertake a range of maritime security operations.

The deployment also provides opportunities to work with other navies, strengthening international ties and demonstrating the Royal Navy’s commitment to the region.

That means our job is to safeguard not only the islands and their residents, but also Britain’s access to local natural resources, such as gas and oil.

Despite a decisive referendum result in favour of British rule, the Falkland Islands are still subject to competing sovereignty claims from the United Kingdom and Argentina. The Royal Navy’s constant presence in the region serves as a potent reminder of the island chain’s status a British Overseas Territory.