Mother and daughter meet in the Middle East

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Standing shoulder to shoulder, a mother and daughter enjoyed a brief family reunion while serving the Royal Navy in Bahrain.

Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Wood and Able Seaman Charlotte Wood are both reservists with the Royal Naval Reserve Information Operations specialisation.

Suzanne has been deployed to Bahrain since February and is working for the Combined Maritime Forces, a 31-nation partnership which delivers maritime security and stability in the Middle East.

Charlotte was on a personal visit to Bahrain to visit a university friend, but could not pass up the opportunity to visit her mum and learn more about the work that goes on in the Combined Maritime Forces headquarters.

Having recently taken part in the UK-based Exercise Information Warrior, Charlotte was asked to give a short presentation to the CMF command team during her visit.

“I came out for a short break to visit a university friend but found myself on a bit of a working holiday,” Charlotte said.

“I was nervous before I gave my brief to senior officers but it was a great experience as I wish to take the Officer Selection Board.

“It was brilliant to see my mum and see the impact each person was bringing to the task force.”

Both Charlotte and Suzanne are members of HMS President in London.

Suzanne added: “This job has given me a great opportunity to meet and work with colleagues from many other nations.

"I have learnt a huge amount from this deployment and I am pleased to see that we are making a real difference in the region."

It was brilliant to see my mum and see the impact each person was bringing to the task force

Able Seaman Charlotte Wood