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Royal Navy lands double drugs bust in the Indian Ocean

06 June 2023

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: HMS Lancaster

Navy-led task force trials drones in Gulf

17 March 2022

Topic:Equipment and TechTechnology

Storyline: Technology

Royal Navy minehunters due home after three years on Gulf mission

04 September 2020

Topic:Operational activitySecurity at Sea

HMS Chiddingfold and Penzance arrive in the Gulf

02 September 2020

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

HMS Argyll knuckles down to Gulf mission

08 April 2020

Final maintenance before HMS Chiddingfold heads to the Gulf

12 February 2020

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Gulf sentinel mission in Royal Navy hands
Royal Navy ‘bobbies’ safeguard Gulf shipping over Christmas

17 December 2019

Royal Navy safeguards nearly 90 ships through Strait of Hormuz in two months
Illegal charcoal smuggling earns terrorists millions warns maritime security conference

14 January 2019

HMS Dragon leaves Portsmouth for the Gulf

18 September 2018

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Prince of Wales' first CO takes on terrorism in Indian Ocean

31 May 2018

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Royal Navy rescuers, experts and leaders recognised for bravery in the line of duty

11 May 2018

Topic:PeopleHonours and awards

New Royal Navy operations hub opens in Gulf

06 April 2018

RFA Fort Rosalie completes work with US carrier strike group

23 February 2018

Topic:Fighting armsRoyal Auxiliary Fleet

Royal Navy helicopters key to £105m drugs bust in Indian Ocean

05 January 2018

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm