Royal Navy Powerlifters coming in strong

A Great British coaching official, a personal best, and a Royal Navy Championship.

The Royal Navy’s CPO Paul Foran received an invitation to join the Great British Powerlifting team as a coaching official for the upcoming EPF Masters Championships this year.

Paul has over a decade of powerlifting handling experience and over 40 years of mentoring and involvement in multiple military sports and is now a qualified coach and referee for British Powerlifting. 

Keeping the March momentum going for the Navy Powerlifters, PO Wesley McGuinness competed at the British Classic Bench Press Championships held at Raleigh, Essex. Wes finished in 4th place, with a personal best of 195kg in the Under 105kg division.

Seventeen members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines competed at the Royal Navy Western Region Powerlifting Championships at HMS Raleigh. The placings were calculated based on the International Powerlifting Federation’s ‘good lift’ points formula, placing James Cain out in the lead, Alister Greenwood second and Mike Dunn rounding out the podium in third.
The Western Region Championships are part of the lead up series of powerlifting competitions to identify the Royal Navy’s top lifters to compete in the Inter-Services competition later in the year. 

The Royal Navy Powerlifting Association is always ready to welcome new members into the fold. As a fast growing, accessible and relatable sport, it is open to all Royal Navy personnel to get involved.