Royal Navy Gymnastics founder set to represent Great Britain at the Masters World Cup

Chairperson and founding member of the Royal Navy Gymnastics Association, Cdr Jamie Weller has been selected to represent Team GB in Boston, USA at the annual Masters Gymnastic World Cup in June.

The annual international Masters Gymnastic World Cup sees countries select their best over 30’s athletes to form a national team to compete for individual and team medals on Olympic apparatus.

Jamie was “very excited when I received the confirmation that I would be representing Team GB in Boston. Unfortunately, last year I missed the team as I was still recovering from a ruptured bicep. I feel very privileged to have been selected to represent my country in the event this year.” 

As a Commander in the Royal Navy, Jamie’s training for the competition comes as a second to his full-time career. “I am now trying to fit my training in where I can. I am currently Director of Training in Chicksands, with no Gymnastics facilities on my doorstep I am travelling to training in Milton Keynes on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening and then down to Portsmouth on a Thursday after work. 

‘I have been building up my difficulty level in the routines and studying what the gymnastic powerhouses of Japan and the USA are currently fielding so I can align my routines against them.”

As one of the founders of the Royal Navy Gymnastics Association in 2015, Jamie has since won 29 national titles at the British Adult Championships while representing the Navy. 

One of the Commander’s proudest moments was “being the Naval Officer, along with seven other personnel from all three Services to carry the Union and Olympic flag in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, and the Military OC of the Gymnastics, Trampoline and Basketball Olympic medal ceremonies.”

Cdr Weller and the Royal Navy association “welcome personnel of all levels from brand new personnel all the way up to former pro gymnasts.

‘Since 2015 we have grown the association and have teams who attend local competitions as well as the British Adult Championships each year in traditional gymnastics (like you see on the TV – Rings, High Bar, Pommel, Floor Vault etc) as well as Trampoline, Tumble and Acrobatic gymnastics.”

If you are interested in getting involved with Royal Navy Gymnastics, visit the Gymnastics page, and contact us to find out more.

I feel very privileged to have been selected to represent my country in the event this year.

Cdr Jamie Weller