Royal Navy Racers hit the track for final round of the British Superbike 2023 season

Storyline: Motorsport

The final round of the British superbike 2023 season was held at Brands Hatch circuit in Kent.

The season is traditionally finished at Brands Hatch, the most southern circuit, hoping to get better weather conditions as the weekend always lands in the middle of October.

The Superbike race was the weekend's main event; the crowds were as big as anyone had seen despite the rain and hail predicted.
Day 1 for the super sport grid was conducted in the usual way of two free practice sessions, disrupted considerably by the weather. The Royal Navy team, unwilling to risk gambling for tyres towards the end of the session, finished the day in 29th place.

Day 2 started with qualifying, and with the rain overnight, the track was drying slowly with the cold weather. 

A top 40 place was required to qualify, and the Navy team risked putting dry tyres on to achieve a reasonable time in the undesirable conditions, finishing the session in 34th place.

A few hours before race 1, the heavens opened, and the track had a mixture of rain and hail. It stopped as quickly as it started, but meant the track would be damp for the rest of the day’s races. 

Due to a technical fault, the team faced many setbacks before getting back on track in time for race 2. The True Heroes racing and Royal Navy team mechanic skills prevailed, getting the bike back in working order in good time. 

Being cautious of the cold 10-degree track temperature, which caught a handful of riders out, the team managed to finish 25th, which was not a season’s best but was a race where they gained as much as they could.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to enable True Heroes Racing and the Royal Navy Motorsport team to compete at the British Championships, a huge BZ to all involved.

If you are interested in either team and want to join a motorsport team for the 2024 season, get in touch.