HMS PRINCE OF WALES take on USS Dwight D Eisenhower in friendly football

Storyline: Football

HMS Prince of Wales First and Reserve teams played two football matches against USS Dwight D Eisenhower.

The first game saw HMS Prince of Wales first team take to the pitch. The visitors got off to a strong start in the first 10 minutes having the US Navy’s goalkeeper spill the ball from out of his hands but unfortunately claimed it afterwards stopping a shot on goal. 

The home team were a strong outfit and very tidy on the ball. They had a strong spine in the team, and while there was good link up play from Leading Airman Jansz-Baker and Sharkey in the midfield, HMS Prince of Wales were struggling in the final third. 
The game was end to end until Prince of Wales made the breakthrough on the 20th minute. A succulent diagonal through ball from Hetherington to Souch who met it proud on the first-time volley from 10 yards out to beat the keeper and score the goal. 1-0.

After a lot of changes to formation and substitutes in the first half, HMS PRINCE OF WALES were holding their own but USS Dwight D Eisenhower kept coming at them. 

More changes in formation at half time  led to a lot of joy down the left-hand side with the link up play from Cooke and Hetherington. Strong defensively, with some great tackles from Vallance and Crothers, meant that HMS Prince of Wales controlled the congested midfield. 

Later in the second half, HMS Prince of Wales brought on super sub, Ryan who got at the full back every chance he had, an appearance from the legend himself PO Gribble and, despite the opposition being lively, he looked good on the pitch. 
A late freekick taken by the ‘IKE’s best player was saved with ease from Leon who tipped it over the bar. Late into the game and team captain Jansz-Baker came back on the field for the last few minutes. He collected the ball from a midfield pass and charged to the goal. He took on the last defender and was 1 on 1. Unfortunately missing his opportunity going narrowly wide of the post to make it 2-0 to the visitors. After seeing his goal in the last fixture, you would have bet your house on him scoring it but it was not to be. 

Final score 1-0 to HMS Prince of Wales and despite the size of the pitch that it was played on the whole team did the ship and the badge proud.

Next up was the turn of the Reserves. After the First team played the USS Eisenhower, they were surprised to find out they would be playing the exact same team as the Firsts, which meant going into the game, they had a major upper hand against a fatigued but strong side. 

USS Eisenhower kicked the game off and Prince of Wales started with a lot of energy and a lively atmosphere from the Prince of Wales faithful providing unwavering support.

The back 4 were as strong as ever, with Chapman at the end of most tackles, managing to coolly pick a ball out for the number 9 who calmly slotted his first goal past the keeper. 1-0.

USS Eisenhower instantly replied with a very quick goal from their shifty quick winger, leaving Big Scotty Annandale borderline speechless! 1-1.

They came back into the game with a lot of energy and confidence, attempting to press the right-hand channel but young right back Dobby was full of energy and managed to cope well with their pacey midfielder, making every tackle possible. 

USS Eisenhower managed to get a shot on target but Big Scotty took full advantage of his attributes, diving full stretch to his right-hand side and happily palms away for a corner.

This was followed by a strong performance from the whole team in a heavy battle between the players of either side bringing the first half to a close.

The second half saw a lot of changes for Prince of Wales, providing some very entertaining play and a steady stream of goals. Max and Leo Upchurch came on in central midfield and dominated with Max assisting 2 goals and scoring 1. Bishop scored the 2 goals and assisted the other.  

With just 2 goals conceded, down to miscommunication errors, the back 4 learnt from their mistakes and reconsidered their tactical play. 

An exciting day of football and a great way to get some time away from work while building allied friendships through sport.