The freshest of Fish Fridays for HMS Tamar

Storyline: Angling

Twelve members of HMS TAMAR’s Ships Company managed to get a day’s break from their busy maintenance period and enjoy a spot of fishing in the open ocean.

With a 0430 start they travelled the short one-hour coach journey to the harbour to meet the charter boat that would be taking them out for the day. 

Once aboard, Jazz Charters, their host for the day took them to their fishing spot for the day where everyone got to wet a line for four hours. 

The results were fantastic, especially considering this was some of the crews first ever fishing trip.

The species caught throughout the day varied widely, with the most common being Red Snapper, which was caught in abundance. Catch of the day was a fish weighing in at 15kgs which equates to just over 33lb, a fine catch by any reckoning. 

The unlucky snappers were filleted and gutted by the Ships Company and brought back onboard just in time for the traditional Navy meal of Fish Friday, where those who could not make the trip still got to enjoy some of the rewards.