King's Harbour Master Clyde

LNTM No 35/23


A: KHM Clyde General Direction 21/23.


  1. Mariners are advised that RNMB HEBE, RNMB HELLCAT and their PAC23s will be conducting Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations in the Gareloch from 06-16 Nov 23.
  2. Any mariners encountering the vessels are requested to pass at a safe distance and to minimise wash.
  3. Further information on autonomous vessel operations within the Clyde Dockyard Port can be found in KHM Clyde General Direction 21/23.
  4. Further information can be obtained from KHM Clyde Harbour Control on 01436 674321 (Opt.1, Ext. 3555).
  5. Next LNTM 36/23.
  6. The following KHM Clyde Local Notices to Mariners remain in force at the time of publication: 01/23, 10/23, 22/23, 23/23, 25/23, 32/23, 35/23.

Friday 03 Nov 2023

Ian White
King's Harbour Master Clyde