King's Harbour Master Clyde

LNTM No 30/23


  1. Mariners are advised that the Ministry of Defence Clyde Marine Unit (MDP CMU) will be conducting training from 0800-1200 and 1300-1600 on 24 Oct 23 and 26 Oct 23 in the Southern Gareloch and Rhu Narrows.
  2. This training serial will involve high speed and pursuit driving modules, and mariners are advised to navigate with caution in the area during the exercise.
  3. Further information can be obtained from KHM Clyde Harbour Control on 01436 674321 (Opt.1, Ext. 3555).
  4. Next LNTM 31/23.
  5. The following KHM Clyde Local Notices to Mariners remain in force at the time of publication: 01/23, 10/23, 22/23, 23/23, 25/23, 28/23, 30/23.

Wednesday 11 Oct 2023

Ian White
King's Harbour Master Clyde