Saif Sareea

Since 1986, sailors, soldiers and air crews from the UK and Oman have periodically come together to train and reinforce their long-standing military alliance. Dubbed Saif Sareea, it is one of the largest international military exercises in the world.


Omani personnel


British personnel


Royal Navy ships


Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships

What are we doing?

Taking place over the course of a month, Saif Sareea 3 was broken up into five phases: initial troop deployment, national forces training, integration of the UK Battle Group with Omani forces, final test exercises, and a firepower demonstration to showcase the combined might of UK and Omani forces.

Taking part in the exercises were British armour and infantry, and aerial support courtesy of the RAF, Army Air Corps and Fleet Air Arm.

The amphibious assault ship HMS Albion was the hub of an Amphibious Task Group made up of the destroyer HMS Dragon and minehunters HMS Blyth and Ledbury. The task group also included support/command ship RFA Cardigan Bay, amphibious support vessel RFA Lyme Bay and the military ferry MV Anvil Point.

HMS Albion represents the very best of the British Armed Forces – able to deploy globally, crammed to the gunwales with modern weapons and sensors, and capable of putting a potent landing force of commandos from sea onto land.

Commodore James Parkin
Commander, UK Amphibious Task Group