Personnel prepare for Anzac Commemorations

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Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN), Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Royal Navy marine engineers at HMS Sultan are preparing to participate in Anzac Day commemorations.

Anzac Day is a day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, with commemorations also planned in twenty locations across the UK, Ireland, and Jersey, most notably the dawn ceremony at Hyde Park Corner, London, with wreath laying also taking place later on the day in St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.


Amongst those participating in the commemorations will be Lt Cdr Maddy Win, RNZN and SLTs Kamil Rahman and Tristan Gill. Maddy is taking part in a longstanding exchange programme for a RNZN Marine Engineering Officer within the Defence College of Technical Training’s Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE), currently posted as the school’s Defence Training Manager, Auxiliaries, with both Kamil and Tristan Systems Engineering Management Course students. All three will attend commemorations in Chilworth, Surrey.

Having transferred from the RNZN into the RN, HMS Sultan, Executive Officer, Commander Fergus Ochtman-Corfe Royal Navy will also be joining fellow Kiwi’s in commemorating the day.


Fergus said: ““I’ve been involved in Anzac Day commemorations throughout my career and it’s always a very special occasion and huge privilege to be involved, to remember and recognise the sacrifices made by Australian and New Zealanders. 


“It’s good that we can join in commemorations here in the UK, which will take place alongside those all over the world, ensuring their sacrifice will never be forgotten.”