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The Princess Royal salutes new generation of sailors at Raleigh Pass-Out

24 April 2023

Topic:PeopleRoyal Family

Storyline: HMS Raleigh

Sister Charlotte leads the way as younger brother Tom passes out at Dartmouth

14 April 2023

Topic:PeopleHonours and awards

Storyline: BRNC Dartmouth

Navy leaders of tomorrow forge friendships forever after completing arduous officer training

13 April 2023

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: BRNC Dartmouth

Rosyth site secure after transfer back to Royal Navy

31 March 2023

Royal Navy enters the Metaverse with new Virtual Reality simulators

14 February 2023

Topic:Equipment and TechTechnology

Storyline: HMS Collingwood

Royal Navy recognises 168 years combined service At HMNB Clyde

09 February 2023

Topic:PeopleHonours and awards

Storyline: HMNB Clyde

Bird of prey lands in new Loch Lomond home

16 December 2022


Storyline: HMNB Clyde

Portsmouth PTIs put on a spectacular show!

12 December 2022

Storyline: HMS Temeraire

Mural unveiled at HM Naval Base Clyde

09 December 2022

Topic:Fighting arms

Storyline: HMNB Clyde

£230,000 refurbishment to aid injured service personnel

09 December 2022


Storyline: HMNB Clyde

New trainer trains sailors on Navy’s latest missile systems

04 November 2022

Topic:Equipment and Tech

Storyline: RNAS Yeovilton

Royal Navy celebrates engineers on National Engineering Day

02 November 2022

Storyline: Technology and Equipment

Thousands enjoy spectacular fireworks display at HMS Sultan

28 October 2022


Storyline: HMS Sultan

Head of US Navy reaffirms importance of Royal Navy on Scotland visit
Dartmouth shines for new naval leaders at pass-out parade

12 August 2022


Storyline: BRNC Dartmouth

Culdrose helicopter engineer dismantles car to save injured kitten’s life

09 August 2022

Storyline: RNAS Culdrose