HMS Sultan celebrates female engineers on #INWED22

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Air and Marine Engineers and Technicians today gathered at HMS Sultan to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day.

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is an international awareness day, organised by the Women’s Engineering Society to raise the profile of women in engineering and highlight the amazing career opportunities available to women and girls in this exciting industry.

Engineers and Technicians receive world class training at the Gosport establishment, providing them with skills to keep the Royal Navy’s ships, submarines and airframes at sea and in the air on operations around the world.

Leading Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) Hannah Taylor said: “When I left school I’d had very little experience of engineering or STEM (Science Engineering Technology Maths) subjects. I looked at – and tried – all sorts of things out from working in retail through to becoming an outdoor instructor.

“It was only when I started working on tall ships that I started to get some hands-on experience and understanding of engineering. I’m naturally quite inquisitive, and the challenge of problem solving, helping to maintain the ships rigging, engines and generators was really rewarding. My mentor and the ship’s skipper were both female and really encouraged me to push into the engineering pathway.

“I’ve been in the Royal Navy now for five years and as girls we wear the same branch badge as the boys and we’re expected to do the same job.

“Since I joined, I’ve already completed my initial specialist electrical and mechanical training and served at sea on HMS Queen Elizabeth. The experience onboard was very exciting, with no two days the same and I also got to see the first landings of the F35 Joint Strike Fighter fast jets.

 “I’m now coming towards the end of my Leading Engineering Technician Qualifying Course at HMS Sultan. Throughout my RN training I’ve been given the opportunity to gain a Level 2 and 3 apprenticeship and I’m feeling happy that engineering is my career choice now for life.

“INWED is an important day to encourage and exploit women’s opportunities within engineering and STEM. Outside of work I’m definitely seeing that t the girls I speak with are becoming more aware of the opportunities that are out there.”

 Joining the female engineers was HMS Sultan’s Executive Officer Commander Paul Bastiaens.

“I am extremely pleased that we can show our support for INWED. The Royal Navy is an employer that recognises the added strength which comes from a diverse workforce and as an Air Engineer myself, throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside so many smart, capable and enthusiastic female engineers who have realised there really are no barriers to what can be achieved,” he said.

“Engineering is an exciting, challenging, rewarding industry to work in which is ever evolving. I would encourage anyone out there to take a closer look for themselves.”