Navy named No.3 apprentice employer in UK

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The Royal Navy is in the top three of UK employers of apprentices.

A nationwide assessment of firms, organisations, government departments, regional authorities and the military ranked the Senior Service third.

The British Army topped the list drawn up by the government-run National Apprenticeship Service, with the RAF placed tenth.

There are around 4,000 men and women – roughly 12 per cent of the entire Royal Navy – undertaking around 25 different apprenticeship programmes, spanning trades as varied as IT experts, weapons systems engineers and helicopter aircrewmen.

Over 98 per cent of new recruits are enrolled on an apprenticeship scheme once they’ve completed their basic training turning civilians into sailors.

In placing the Royal Navy third, the National Apprenticeship Service and student/graduate firm High Fliers Research looked at more than 400 employers.

They looked at the schemes on offer, the diversity of those being trained, their future career prospects and ongoing training/development, as well as the firm or organisations general commitment to the apprenticeship programme.

Also making the Top 100 are defence firm BAE Systems, major banks such as Lloyds and HSBC and supermarket chains Asda and Tesco.