The concert at the Guildhall is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the extraordinary talents of the young musicians and buglers at the Royal Marines School of Music, before they begin their careers in one of the 5 Royal Marines Bands

Major Pete Curtis MBE RM, Director of Music Training

Musician Lauren Loveridge, 23, originally from Exmouth in Devon, plays flute and tenor saxophone will be joining RM Band CTCRM in September.

She said, “Training at the Royal Marines School of Music over the past three years has been an incredible experience. When I got to the school I had to learn the saxophone from scratch, and it’s been challenging but my time at the school has opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities that a career in the Royal Marines Band Service offers.

The experience and knowledge of the military instructors and the Professors of Music at the School has advanced my knowledge of music and developed my abilities, preparing me for the life of a musician in one of the best military bands in the world. I’ve made friends for life, and now I’m ready to serve operationally and musically in the UK and around the world.”

Musician Jonathan Griffin, 19, originally from Poole, plays euphonium and cello and will be joining RM Band Collingwood in September.

He said, “This is our last event in training, and we’ve been rehearsing this concert for weeks now. A huge amount of work and effort has gone into making this concert a memorable occasion for everyone.

There’s nothing quite like seeing thousands of people enjoying the brilliant music and the spectacle of the Beating Retreat. I know my family were proud to see me pass out of training from the School of Music to join the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Collingwood, and were even a few tears!”

Admiral Sir Philip Jones, KCB, ADC, First Sea Lord, was guest of honour and awarded prizes to some of the trainees. Proceeds for the concert go to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.


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