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Princess Royal meets sailors to offer personal thanks

22 September 2022

Topic:PeopleRoyal Family

Storyline: Royal Family

Royal Navy personnel celebrate Freedom of Portsmouth

11 March 2022

New £15m barge will keep Royal Navy ships primed for action

15 February 2022

Storyline: Equipment

Royal Navy continues its global mission over festive period

24 December 2021

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: People

Indian Navy visits Portsmouth ahead of workout with Royal Navy
Countess of Wessex catches up with HMS Daring's progress

20 July 2021

New Investments for Portsmouth Naval Base’s Carbon Commitment
Supplies surprise as Chief Petty Officer Felicia nominated for Amazon award

22 June 2021

Topic:PeopleHonours and awards

Storyline: People

Coastal forces turn foe for final carrier exercises
Royal Navy couple married at fourth attempt

08 June 2021

Topic:CommunityLocal Initiatives

Storyline: HMNB Portsmouth

Portsmouth’s Next Step to Net Zero Carbon
Canadian vessels move to Baltic after brief Portsmouth stop
Naval base's Herculean team effort to prepare for carrier deployment

30 April 2021

Mighty carrier HMS Prince of Wales returns to sea

30 April 2021

New Maritime Reserves centre opens in Portsmouth

22 April 2021

Topic:CommunityLocal Initiatives

New autonomous vessel delivered to Royal Navy

26 March 2021