We were in the Gulf working with our allies to reassure them of the Royal Navy’s presence in the region and complete any tasking that was required of us. We are a very specialist ship with specialist capability of hunting and destroying mines and we exercised those skills with our partner nations

Lieutenant Commander David Louis

While in the Gulf HMS Chiddingfold took part in an annual mine clearance exercise with her sister ships Penzance, and Bangor as well as US counterparts USS Devastator, Gladiator and Dextrous.

The exercise saw the on-board diving teams hunt out and recover dummy mines, exercising their ability to do so in a real-life situation.

HMS Chiddingfold has the latest minehunting technology at her disposal including the Seafox mine disposal system, advanced sonar, as well as a team of expert ordnance disposal divers.

She has also been protecting shipping lanes, hosted Bahrani coastguard officers and took part in several defence engagement activities including with the Royal Navy of Oman.

Portsmouth-based HMS Chiddingfold has been relieved by HMS Ledbury.

HMNB Portsmouth

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