You are in a club now which you can talk about with pride from this point forward and I have a deep respect for that

Commodore Toby Williamson, Commander of Operational Training

The relatives then enjoyed a demonstration by the graduates who donned their equipment and dived to the bottom of the lake, demonstrating the skills that may soon be put to use retrieving ordnance or inspecting ships at sea.

The graduates will now embark on a rewarding career which will see them deployed across the fleet, providing professional diving expertise in response to many challenging situations.

As newly trained RN Clearance Divers they will initially be employed in either MCM1 based in Scotland (Faslane) or MCM2 in Portsmouth and will deploy in a MCMV as required to support worldwide operations.

They will thereafter join either an area diving team based in Scotland, Portsmouth or Plymouth to conduct underwater engineering tasks and to support military aid to civil powers (MACP) providing explosive ordinance disposal in a conventional sense and, after further training, improvised explosive device disposal.