From Sport to People Support – a new look and role for HMS Temeraire

Long the spiritual –and actual – home of Royal Navy sport, HMS Temeraire has reinvented itself as the centre for ‘people support’.

The Portsmouth-based unit remains the home of physical training and the focal point for all sporting activities.

But it’s now the Naval Service’s Centre of Health and Wellbeing, the home of Naval Service ‘People Support’.

The Temeraire team believe People Support is a much more ‘user-friendly’ title than the clunky Personal, Family, Community Support & Physical Development.

The relaunch also saw the renaming of the Family Services Specialisation – a significant part of the People Support organisation – as “RN Welfare”.

To celebrate the transformation, the establishment held its first ceremonial divisions since 1988, when Temeraire was dedicated.

Guests of Honour were Rear Admirals Simon Williams and Chris Gardner, plus representatives from the RNRMC, Greenwich Hospital, Naval Families Federation and the Naval Service Sports Charity.  Also present were 140 members of the People Support team. 

Over the past 2 years Temeraire has evolved and grown to become the home for all of this diverse range of ‘people support’.

With an undisputable link between health, wellbeing, sport, fitness and the retention of sailors, increased cohesiveness in delivering that support has never been more important.