Some 6,000 Royal Navy sailors - including 1,869 from Portsmouth - were lost

Commander Andy Green RN

The parade starts outside Knight and Lee, Palmerston Road, at 1.30pm.

Event organiser, Commander Andy Green, said: “The Battle of Jutland was the most significant Naval engagement of the First World War, with more than 100,000 sailors and 250 ships involved.

“Some 6,000 Royal Navy sailors - including 1,869 from Portsmouth - were lost, along with 2,500 German sailors.

“We are hoping that the people of Portsmouth turn out in their numbers to line the route or attend the service and ceremony.”

Cdr Green said relatives of sailors who fought or who were lost in the battle were especially welcome to attend and should contact him at

The service, which starts at 2pm, will include a drumhead ceremony where drums are piled in a pyramid to create an altar.

Four schoolchildren involved in the WWI schools’ project Never Such Innocence  will give readings about the conflict.

“There have been many commemorations marking the 100th anniversary of World War One battles, but this is the one key date that allows a singular focus on the Royal Navy,” said Cdr Green.

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