Remembrance 2022

Letters home.

The film

Another volley of dirt crashes down on the sailors, the metallic ping of debris hitting their helmets as they weave their way through smoke-filled trenches.

The hubbub of preparation turns to silence. Eyes widen. The sharp blast of a whistle. The time is nigh to face down the German guns. There’s no turning back.

The sailors are in their early twenties, fresh-faced with their lives and careers ahead of them. Their plan is to return home after the war and pick up the threads of their old life.

Their letters home in case the unimaginable happens are written.  

Watch out for the release of the Royal Navy’s Remembrance video.

 Premieres on our social media channels, 10th November.

The making

The video takes the large-scale and unimaginable destruction of World War One and homes in on a fictional but personal story.

We look through the lens of something deeply personal – the letter – with the aim to inspire current generations to think about how communication with loved ones has changed over the years but also to bring into sharp focus the sacrifices made in World War One.