Atlantic Future Forum

The inaugural meeting of the Atlantic Future Forum on cyber security and artificial intelligence will take place on HMS Queen Elizabeth while she is off anchor in New York City Harbour on Monday 22nd October.

The forum, a meeting of innovators, business leaders and tech entrepreneurs across government and industry, is an opportunity to explore the emerging trends and technologies that will dominate the world ahead. It offers an opportunity to cement the leading role that the UK and US will jointly play in shaping them.

This inaugural meeting will focus on the opportunities and threats presented by developments in cyber technology and the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and will result in the signing of the Atlantic Future Forum Accord.

This is a commitment from the UK and US to work with a new committee of our finest firms in cyber and artificial intelligence to ensure that the UK-US special relationship forever remains the world leading partnership for cyber security, defence and artificial intelligence.

This committee will form a sub-committee of the UK Board of Trade and will be supported by the UK Department for International Trade. The accord will feature a commitment to meet again in a year’s time for a follow-up summit, which will then become an annual event.