Royal Navy tracks Russian task group in waters close to the UK

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The Royal Navy shadowed a Russian task group as it sailed through the waters close to the UK.

Destroyer HMS Defender monitored the three-strong group of warships and maintained contact with the force as it continued its journey past the British Isles.

Assisted by her Wildcat helicopter from 815 Naval Air Squadron, the Portsmouth-based destroyer shadowed the Russian trio – guided-missile frigate Admiral Grigorovich and two Stereguschiy II-class corvettes, Soobrazitelny and Stoikiy.

RAF Typhoons and P-8A Poseidon aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth also worked in coordination with Defender to monitor the Russian vessels.

“HMS Defender is the fleet’s quick reaction escort, which means we’re ready to respond to any threats to the nation’s safety or security,” said Commander Peter Evans, HMS Defender’s Commanding Officer.

“Escorting ships through UK waters is routine activity for the Royal Navy and demonstrates our commitment to the vital sea lanes upon which the UK depends.

“Defender and her crew have been engaged on operations over the past three years, covering four major oceans and most of the world’s seas – and so we’re accomplished at missions such as this.”

HMS Portland, HMS Montrose, HMS Severn, HMS Mersey, HMS Northumberland, and HMS Kent have all been involved in similar operations to monitor Russian ships in the last month, including two Udaloy-class destroyers, Admiral Levchenko and Vice-Admiral Kulakov.

British warships are regularly deployed on such missions, protecting the waterways close to the UK.