RFA sailor signs off after 45 years in communications

Topic: Fighting armsRoyal Auxiliary Fleet

A Royal Fleet Auxiliary communications rating has retired after his second 15-year stint with the Royal Navy.

CIS Pete Burnett served in the Royal Navy for 15 years as a Leading Radio Operator (General) before leaving and joining the Post Office as a postman in Bristol.

Fifteen years later ‘Bristol Pete’ returned to sea, this time with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Fifteen years after that, he retired, receiving a send-off from his last ship, RFA Lyme Bay, and her Commanding Officer, Captain Martin Jones.

Pete said:  “As I come to the end of my career in ‘communications’ I can reflect with fondness on forming some great friendships and making life-long memories. I have been proud to serve my country in both the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary.”

During his sea-going career Pete served in: HMS Aurora, Sabre, Scimitar, Tamar, Brilliant, Glamorgan, Bossington, and Bicester.

He also served at HMS Raleigh, Mercury, Commcen Whitehall, Commcen Northwood, Commcen Gibraltar and the reserve unit HMS Flying Fox. Three of his naval years were spent living in Devil’s Tower Camp in Gibraltar.

His postal career began in the Cattle Market Road sorting office in Bristol and his rounds and deliveries were all in the BS5 area – covering Easton, Whitehall, St George’s, Speedwell, and Barton Hill.

I have been proud to serve my country in both the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

CIS Pete Burnett