The exercise will fully test our skills in this extreme environment but, more importantly, help to deepen our relationships with our closest allies in the high north

Colonel Paul Maynard

Royal Marines, Norway and the United States elements will work together against the other two nations, testing their Arctic warfighting skills.

A company of commandos skilled in close combat alongside reconnaissance specialists and logistic support have arrived in Sweden.

The 350-strong Royal Marines element is made up of Charlie Company and Recce Troop of 40 Commando, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron from 30 Commando and the Logistic Task Group from the Commando Logistic Regiment.

By participating in Northern Wind, Royal Marines are showing they are capable of working with NATO and European allies in a region of high importance.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson recently underlined the Arctic’s prominence in the security of the UK.

As part of that, Royal Marines have committed to a ten-year training programme alongside NATO ally, Norway.

It will see around 1,000 marines travel to the high north every year.


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