The Royal Navy have a very good reputation for public duties and they looked tremendous on parade.

Hugh Player, Director of Greenwich Hospital

The man responsible for ensuring the Naval Service is understood, respected and valued in London is Commodore David Elford OBE, ADC, Naval Regional Commander for Eastern England.  He was at Wellington Barracks in London to witness the handing over of the first Queen’s Royal Navy Guard memento to Warrant Officer 1 ‘Eddie’ Wearing, the Royal Navy’s senior ceremonial training officer.

“We are always looking for suitable opportunities and mounting the Royal Guard during the Year of the Navy was a great chance, which I am glad we were able to take.

"The effect it generated overall far exceeded our expectations. The important thing we are doing today is recognising the Sailors who invested their time and effort in making it all happen.

"I think, to a man and woman, everyone enjoyed what they did and many would volunteer to do it again. You can only have one first time and this memento is a memory for them all.

"I am delighted that Greenwich Hospital was able to step up and generate these framed pictures for us and I am enormously grateful to Hugh Player and his charity.”

Royal Marines Musician

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