London URNU witness Ceremony of the Keys

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London University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) students were recently lucky enough to witness the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London.

London URNU witness Ceremony of the KeysIn the midst of a snowstorm and bracing winds, the group of URNU students were given a tour of the Tower of London after it had closed to the public.

We were shown fascinating places that are intrinsic to British history, and were then invited into the Yeoman Warders Club, where an auction was held for assembled guests.

One Officer Cadet from the unit struck gold! Or struck foam rather, winning a very practical mouse mat with the Yeoman Warders' Seal imprinted on it.

After the ceremony of the auction, we were taken to witness the Ceremony of the Keys.

A timeless tradition that is the oldest regular military ceremony in the world.

A poignant moment was had when the Last Post was sounded out in the Parade Square, concluding the ceremony.