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What makes a Royal Marines Commando?

We’re not your typical soldier. We’ve got something others haven’t. The bit sitting under the green beret that lets us power on when others would quit, and get the job done, even when the odds aren’t in our favour. You’re not born with it, but you can develop it. It’s a state of mind.

Ready for any environment

Nothing stops us. We operate just as effectively in the blistering heat as we do in the biting cold. From the densest jungles to the inhospitable Arctic. What makes us special is going where others can’t – or won’t.


There’s no such thing as a typical operation. We work in small, agile teams, reacting to anything. That could mean using stealth to operate behind enemy lines or adapting combat skills to defeat threats at sea.

Highly trained

Your capability is what makes you a Royal Marines Commando. That’s why Initial Training is just the beginning. You’ll enhance your skillset throughout your career, from learning to use the latest tech to mastering hand-to-hand combat.

State-of-the-art equipment

It’s our job to spearhead vital operations. To do that, we need to use the most sophisticated equipment available – from advanced weaponry to state-of-the-art reconnaissance kit.

Commando life

We’ve asked five real Royal Marines Commandos some rapid-fire questions about their careers so far. What’s it like to wear the green beret? Find out.

Find your role

If you wear the green beret, you’re one of us. A world-class member of a world-renowned team. Whether you’re an Officer, Commando or a Reservist. Choose your Royal Marines role and start shaping the career you want.

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